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NOTICE: Source Code is now available for download! Please read the information at the bottom of this giant text wall before downloading and be sure to choose the right file if you just want to play the game! (Keep in mind that the Source Code is the Jam version of the game, not the 2X version.)

NOTICE 2: Final Tower 2X is now available for download! I figured out how to scale the game up, so play this version if you hate the Authentic NES reesolution!

To prove that you are a hero, you have been tasked with climbing an ancient tower. Normally, that would be impossible, as the tower's many devices are currently broken, causing the route to the top to be inaccessible. Using a relic that causes you to travel back in time while in midair, you can cause the tower's machinery to become functional. Can you make it to the top?

So in short, Final Tower is a game about jumping to solve various puzzles to reach the top of the tower. When on the ground, machines such as fans and lights do not function.


-Left and Right Arrows move the hero left and right.

-Z, X, or C Key to jump.

-Up and Down Arrows can be used when riding horizontal fans:

Theme Adherence

The jump button is used for just about every action:

-Jump: Reach higher places.

-Ride Fans: Reach even higher places, faraway places, and lower places.

-Turn on Lights: You can't see without lights.

-Press Switches: Most switches are off the ground, but even ones that aren't require a jump to activate.

-Switch Blocks: Some blocks are toggled each time you jump.


-Written in C++ in Visual Studio using Allegro, pretty much from scratch.

-Music made in Famitracker.

-Artwork made in Usenti.

-Game Map laid out in Tiled.

This is a solo submission. (All assets are made by Jalasta)

<Source Code Notes>

Want to build my game for your preferred platform?

Hate my authentic NES resolution and want to scale it up?

Want to see how Final Tower is put together?

Like looking at horribly messy source code and bad class design?

If at least one of these is true, then you should download the source code for Final Tower!

The source code contains all necessary assets and these three code files:

-Renderer.cpp: Contains the main function with rendering and sound code. If you have Visual Studio 2015 or 2017, then you can build the game with relative ease by creating an empty C++ project, importing the files, installing Allegro through NuGet, and enabling most of Allegro's addons via the project options. If you don't have access to Allegro, then you still only have to edit Renderer.cpp, as it is the only file containing Allegro code.

-GameEngine.h: Contains the function definitions for the game. Has no Allegro specific code.

-GameEngine.cpp: Contains the engine's functions, with no Allegro specific code.

Note that the inline functions in GameEngine.h are mostly redundant, this is because Final Tower was originally written to use DirectX, with proper screen scaling support, an adaptive soundtrack, and a fader for the lights! The switch to Allegro was due to being unable to run the built application, but I caught the problem with enough time to spare.

</Source Code Notes>


Final Tower <Game> 3 MB
Final Tower 2X <Post-Jam Version> 3 MB
Source Code <Source> 719 kB


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